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Wildlife tracking solutions

GPS wildlife tracking or GPS telemetry is  new high-potential growth area for GPS applications. With ever smaller dimensions and weights and the availability of solar cell power, these devices can be used in a growing number of different applications. For most of us GPS tracking means probably GPS vehicle tracking systems, but we will show even more impressive applications in quite different fields. Data collection is the first step, but reading the data is often more complicated and, especially in real-time, rather expensive.  The simple passive devices store the data in internal memory. Data can only be read, once the unit is retrieved by the user or sometimes when the unit comes within the reach of a radio connection between the unit and a portable  receiver. Electroninvest offer more sophisticated GPS wildlife tracking units - they send the data via a cellular phone network in regular time intervals or on demand ! Our devices have  two-way communication by SMS or GPRS. It is obvious that this only can function within the coverage area of the cellular phone network. Two-way communication has the extra advantage that the programming of the unit can be modified, even with the unit in use and at distance. This way the user can change the time intervals between reports, or even met the unit in a pause position. Our more expensive GPS wildlife tracking systems send the data in regular intervals in GSM networks using the chip SIM. This functionality working in GSM networks across Europe at a fixed price cost. This stands for a really global coverage, whit very good price!