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Green Balkans

Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.
The Organization was established in 1988 being Bulgaria's oldest nature conservation NGO. For its almost 20 years' existence, Green Balkans has won recognition from international and national institutions, authorities, and donors as a welcome partner and a highly reputable and competent organization. This is proven by the public confidence in the Organization and its almost 4,500 Bulgarian and foreign members.
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

BBF brings together people with different perceptions for the preservation of Bulgarian nature. Underlying everything we do is a belief that natural resources preservation is only possible through public awareness. We strive to increase recognition of the opportunities and benefits of protected areas and work for their long-term protection.
Wildlife Society "Balkans"

Balkani Wildlife Society is a non-profit organisation, working for the public benefit. The main aims of the Society are study, conservation and restoration of flora and fauna in natural ecosystems, their preservation for future generations and raising public awareness on the problems of nature conservation.
Tikomi LTD

Tikomi LTD is specialized in building control systems and vehicle tracking.Their goal is to provide quality and reliable service that meets the needs of their customers, while being simple and accessible to all.