Mammals Tracking Series


Tracker – collars (Collars for mammals) EMT series are designed for tracking and tracing of small, medium and large wild mammals with different weight range, such as lynx (Lynx lynx), red deer (Cervus elaphus), chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra ), brown bear (Ursus arctos), etc.. in order to study their habitat and migration. The product is a co work between Elektronivest and leading environmental organizations in Bulgaria – ‘Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation” and the Association for Wildlife “ Balkans”. With built-in GPS receiver, the data obtained are highly accurate and can accurately reproduce the roads crossing the behavior of animals everywhere. Used components are with the minimum consumption and make enable collars to work well for a very long time and send huge volume of data.

Specifi ed multiple operating modes and data transmission, allows maximum accuracy to fulfi ll the tasks of research and programs. Modes can be changed by users with a mobile phone. In addition to it, the user can easily check the current status of the tracker – operation mode and location of the animal. Data is stored in energy independent memory and can be transmitted in several channels to GSM-modem with SMS messages; FTP server, to a server via GPRS channel.
Marker radio transmitter in the device can emit periodic short bursts of radio, which serve to locate near the animal using radio-locating. The antenna is mounted in the collar and does not prevent the animal. Electroninvest offers complete service, providing a ready customer data for the entire period of contract without any restrictions. Are possible fl exible options such as building a server and database to the client. Electroninvest offers a unique opportunity to develop GPS / GSM trackers for tracking of animals in particular job functions and functionality of the client.

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